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Welcome To The Hometown Diner


Where It All Began:

Meet The Owner - Rudy Rosalez


Rudy Rosalez is originally from Texas, in 2013, with only $5,000 to his name, he moved to Rindge and took over operations of the Woodbound Inn

Originally built in 1819, the charming and rustic spot was struggling financially when Rosalez stepped in. By 2019, the inn and its restaurant, The Grove, were enjoying new life, and Rosalez was able to purchase the entire property.


When Covid hit in 2020, Rudy was crushed to hear that the Hometown Diner, a local favorite, was closing its doors. Rosalez was able to purchase the Hometown Diner and re-open it, rehiring about 90% of the staff. 

He's not done yet! The rumors are true, he will be opening a third restaurant in Rindge for all the BBQ lovers out there! Follow our websites and social media pages to stay up to date on exciting new developments!

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